Critical appraisal

Use the following link to the article to write the critical appraisal: Use the following questions to help write the critical appraisal (NOTE: Only answer what is available in the article. Some questions won’t be answered depending on your article): 1) Was there a control group? If not, why not? 2) Were groups similar prior to treatment? If not, be careful of conclusions. 3) Were participants randomly selected? 4) Were participants randomly assigned to groups? 5) Besides treatment, were groups treated similarly? 6) Were participants and researchers blind to participant’s group? 7) Did all participants complete the study? If not, why not? 8) Were the equipment/procedures used appropriate for accurately measuring dependent variables? What were the dependent variables? 9) What were the independent variables? 10) Were the data normally distributed? 11) What was the effect size? 12) How generalizable are the results? 13) Were interpretations and conclusions within the scope of the current data? 14) Do authors discuss limitations of the study and how to reduce in future research? 15) Did the laboratory setting/testing protocol influence results? If so, how? Describe the participants: age, sex, weight, injury, experience, etc: Describe any comparative modality (e.g. weight training vs. resistance bands): What was (were) the major outcome(s) or take-home message: Critical Appraisal Rubric: A. Citation in correct APA format at top of summary (1 pts) B. Level of writing (sentence structure, subject/verb agreement, verb tense [should be past tense], spelling/grammar/punctuation, use of appropriate terminology) (2 pts) C. Research question clear and concise (1 pts) D. Theory for research question identified (1 pts) E. Methodology presented clearly and with adequate detail (2 pts) F. Results presented clearly, significance/effect size identified for key dependent variables (2 pts) G. Application of findings to the “real world” (1 pts) Total (out of 10 points)




Sample Solutions