Critical Thinking and Diagnostic Reasoning

You are expected to role play the selected scenario with a family member to gather necessary data to complete the chart. For each person described in the following situations, discuss the developmental/age, socioeconomic, ethical considerations, and cross-cultural considerations that should be considered during the gathering of subjective and objective data, and the provision of health care. Discuss any additional information that might be needed before a judgment or diagnosis can be made.
A. E. is a 35-year-old African American female, and is 5 months pregnant presenting to the office today for a routine prenata visit. She complains that her neck feels swollen and that she has been feeling nervous and tired. She also complains about the heat, excessive sweating, and how she “can’t seem to get cool during these summer months.” She attributes all these complaints to her pregnancy.

Components of
assessment Subjective
Diagnostic Reasoning
(list key questions — use PQRSTU pneumonic) Objective
Normal vs.
abnormal findings
(must note pertinent body systems to be examined) Differential
(list 3)

Nurses diagnosis (list 1) List relevant labs and
diagnostic studies (if any)
Normal Differential

Abnormal Findings Nurses Diagnosis

Developmental/age considerations:

Socioeconomic considerations:

Cross-cultural considerations:

Ethical considerations:

Additional info needed to formulate actual diagnosis:










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