Critical thinking argumentative essay

Students will write a 600 – 700 word argumentative essay using the skills learned in the course. The essay is due in the final week of the course (see the course schedule for due date). The paper should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font and double spaced. The essay should incorporate principles of argument and avoid forms of fallacious reasoning discussed in the course readings and discussions.

The format of the argumentative essay should be as follows:
1) a brief introductory paragraph that provides a clear thesis statement followed by a sentence outline of the evidence to be provided in support of the thesis;
2) elaboration of the evidence in support of the thesis;
3) consideration of a potential counterexample to one of the paper’s arguments as well as a rebuttal to the counterexample;
4) a brief conclusion summarizing the argument; and
5) at the end of the paper, the premises and conclusion of the argument represented in standard form.

Sample Solution