critical thinking – Nguyen’s Diet {Nutrition}

Nam Nguyen has been diagnosed with hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity, osteoarthritis, and tobacco abuse. Zach Miller has advised a 1,800-kcal diabetic diet with no added salt and a brisk daily 30-minute walk. Mr. Nguyen discusses these challenges with his daughter, Trinh.

  1. Why might Zach have selected this diet plan? Discuss the rationale for each component (i.e., 1,800 kcal, diabetic diet, no added salt).
  2. Nguyen’s diet is complex. He tells you he is overwhelmed by the many changes asked of him. How might Zach streamline his instructions about his diet?
  3. Nam asks what the best way is for him to monitor his weight-loss progress at home and how Zach Jackson will monitor his progress. How would you respond?
  4. Identify teaching tools that might help Nam understand his diet.

Sample Solution