Critique of Nail Ferguson’s argument

1. write a critique of the argument presented by Niall Ferguson in his TED lecture titled “The Six Killer Apps.” Links: http://www.ted.comttalks/niall_ferguson the_6_killer apps_of_prosperdy.html

2. base your critique on “spatial constructs” and “cultural constructs”Is he consistent when he uses “the East’ to refer to a geographical category? Does he compare the “East” and ‘West’ in a logical way (for example does he compare similar types of people and places in each? Or does he compare a small country, like Great Britain, to a large country, like China?) Does he depend upon the arguments about religion, democracy, philosophy, capitalism, the Enlightenment, etc., that are discussed in the readings for the first week? Does he generalize “Asians” too much? Does he talk about a “static” or “religious” East? Etc.











Sample Solution