Cryptography Basics

It is important to lay a foundation for the work that the temp IT workers in the scenario are expected to do. The building blocks of the foundation should be a familiarity with the processes of encryption and decryption, and the meaning of keys. You will need to explain the differences between asymmetric and symmetric key cryptography and the significance of public key infrastructure. It is also important to include a description of encrypted data in terms of randomness and entropy. “Basic Cryptography” will be the first section of your job aid It should include two parts: 1. A description of the basic elements of cryptography including the following: o the roles of encryption and decryption in public and private keys o the differences between asymmetric and symmetric key cryptography o public key infrastructure o the nature of encrypted data regarding randomness and entropy 2. An explanation of the possible significance of this information for the agency; that is, how does an examiner know whether encrypted data is present? What are the examiner’s options for dealing with encrypted data? Prepare a 2-page document organized in the bulleted form (APA format). Refer to in-class readings and outside resources for your content. Remember that your audience is composed of temp workers or new hires—that is, nonexperts. Review your summary carefully for accuracy and completeness.

Sample Solution