CSI Effect

  1. Do you believe that the CSI Effect detracts from the search for truth and justice in the courtroom? Why or why not? Please fully explain your decision.
  2. According to the NIJ Journal article by Honorable Donald E. Shelton, “Many attorneys, judges, and journalists have claimed that watching television programs like CSI has caused jurors to wrongfully acquit guilty defendants when no scientific evidence is presented.” (2008).

Based on the research performed and the conclusions based on this research, do you agree with this statement? Please fully explain your response.

Shelton Donald E. (2008). The “CSI Effect”: Does It Really Exist?. NIJ Journal 259, pp. 1-7.

  1. Describe and fully explain two (2) concepts of how to alleviate the “CSI Effect”. How could these concepts be incorporated? Why do you believe these concepts would be influential?

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