Cultural Analysis of Advertising

“For this essay, you will use two course readings to analyze print advertisements and/or commercials in order to show how they convey the underlying ways in which products are marketed to consumers. To keep this a tight essay, you will focus on ideas about gender only. You will choose a product and study two of its ads in order to make a claim about how it attempts to sell that product to a specific gender. You are also encouraged to bring in other sources on the product such as its design, website, or social media account (as long as they connect back to and the two ads you’re analyzing and support your claims).” “You are required to use two readings in support of your analysis. Your choices are “Men’s Men and Women’s Women° by Steve Craig, “The Guy Code” by Michael Kimmel, and Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt,” by Jean Kilbourne.” More information here: A works cited is needed




Sample Solution