Culture agents of sociology: japan and the US

Describe sociological interactions in everyday life and the factors that affect them view this video then look at the instructions attached Instructions sociology 3.1 A one-page (250-word) paper Step 1 Listen to the following audio file. Eye Contact (Links will be attached Step 2 Write an essay fully answering the following questions in 250 words. Agents of socialization teach us how to behave in different situations in our everyday life. However, these processes of socialization and their content can vary drastically from one culture to another. What does this story on eye contact in Japan tell you about differences between American and Japanese cultures in general and their respective agents of socialization in particular? How and when do you think a Japanese child learn the norms of eye contact in society? Is this different from an American child? What happens if you travel to a different culture as an adult? Do you learn the norms and values through different agents of socialization than you would have as a child? Explain.

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