Culture Analysis

Select a topic that you have been inspired by in the textbook, lectures or class discussions. Research a
specific issue within that area of interest using articles or a short book and then write a paper about what your
research helped clarify about your original hypothesis regarding the anthropological issue.
Write up your findings in the following format:
a. Title
b. Introduction with a hypothesis statement (i.e., in the culture I researched, I found different forms of
enculturation than in ours as illustrated by the following facts I gathered, and I believe that the differences are
due to what factors).
c. An ethnographic description of the specific cultural difference you found in the culture you researched.
d. An analysis of the differences as to why this culture has different values and behaves in a different manner
than our culture.
e. Conclusion, with a final statement either accepting or rejecting your original hypothesis as stated in (b)
f. Bibliography: must be included of all references are used.

  • Use citations for quotes from researched sources. If you use online sources be sure you are quoting a reliable
    source – no Wikipedia quotes. Look for scholarly articles from universities or professional journals.

Sample Solution