Culture and Christianity

Over this course, you may find some of the assigned reading chapters more interesting or challenging
than others, depending on your own background, interests, or beliefs. This assignment gives you the
opportunity to interact more deeply and share your insights on one such chapter.
You are responsible for submitting a 3- to 4-page Book Chapter Review, which will critique one chapter
of your choosing from The Book That Made Your World. At a minimum, a chapter review should include:
• A clear statement of the chapter you have selected;
• A definition or description of the cultural issue/ topic at hand;
• A description of the Christian response to that issue, according to the author or according to
what you have learned about Christianity in this course so far;
• Your thoughtful response to the ideas set forth in the chapter (e.g., Do you agree with the
author on how the cultural issue is framed? Is something missing? Do you agree with the
Christian response? Is such a response realistic? Does the discussion in your selected
chapter align with or challenge your views about Christianity? Have you seen examples of
this in “real life”?).

Sample Solution