Culture and its significance or impact.

Part I (50 Points)
Terms- Chose 5. Define and provide a cultural example that either demonstrates its significance or impact. (No citations necessary) The strict definition from book or notes is fine, but the example and explanation should not be copied and pasted.
Triptych Humanism
Antithesis Linear Perspective
Mannerism Propaganda
Gutenberg Printing Press Satire

Part II (100 Points)
Essay Question
Directions: Five part formal essay. Use complete sentences and paragraphs to write a well written essay. No set length, but write enough to thoroughly explain your answer and provide examples. Provide an introduction, conclusion, and a clear thesis statement with topic sentences and transitions throughout. Use parenthetical citations with page numbers (unless from a lecture or film) for all details that are not common knowledge: both paraphrases and quotations. You may use a maximum of two quotations in the essay. Use only provided course material.

Can we connect European political and social life of the Fifteenth through Seventeenth centuries to the cultural production of the Renaissance, Reformation, and Baroque periods? Defend your answer by discussing the purpose, audience, and impact of three SPECIFIC humanistic works (broadly defined-literature, art, architecture) from the Renaissance, Reformation, and Baroque periods.

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