1. For each of the 3 main arcs presented within ‘Revelations’, tell me a.) images/moments that you see, and b.)
    what stood out to you in terms of visuals, what you felt in a particular moment, etc.
    The three main arcs (as listed in the NY Times article)
    Pilgrim of Sorrow (0:00-9:35)
    Take Me to the Water/Wade in the Water (9:36-19:37)
    Move, Members, Move (19:38-end)
  2. Think about these three words: Ritual, Transformation, Sacred Space. Look up their definitions if you want to
    clarify your understanding of them. Thinking back to the historical context I gave, the two articles, watching
    “Revelations”, and your own personal experience /knowledge bank, in what ways can this piece demonstrate
    all of these words?
    Name and explain 3-5 ways that “Revelations” embodies these words individually, or together

Sample Solution