Data: Algorithms, Values, and Diversity

Answer the following question: What are some of the main causes of algorithmic bias? How easy is it to identify
and address these causes?

First, read:
Big data: A report on algorithmic systems, opportunity, and civil rights. Executive Office of the President.
Luka, Mary Elizabeth & Mélanie Millette “(Re)framing Big Data: Activating Situated Knowledges and a Feminist
Ethics of Care in Social Media Research.”
Hankerson, David, et al. (May 2016). “Does Technology Have Race?”
Then, read:
Lerman, J. (2013). Big data and its exclusions. Stan. L. Rev. Online, 66, 55.
Then, read:
Reisman, D., Schultz, J., Crawford, K., & Whittaker, M. Algorithmic Impact Assessments

Sample Solution