Data Analysis

Create a PowerPoint presentation that shows the process of going through an
acid/base titration like you would if you were in a physical lab.
Prepare a sample of an unknown acid to titrate using a known concentration of base. You will set-up a
burette filled with a known concentration of base and use proper titration techniques to reach an end-point to
the titration. You will then calculate the concentration of the unknown acid on your own.
For Part I:
Create a PowerPoint presentation (4-6 slides) that covers the lab scenario above.
Include your thoughts on why understanding acid/base titration is important to your future career, and how you
will use this concept as you complete your degree.
Your presentation must consist of more than merely a series of bullet points to earn full credit.
Use the Notes section for each slide to fully explain your answers.
Part 2

  1. Calculations and Results. Show all your calculations and write your results, the Molarity of the acetic and the
    % of the acetic acid.
    2.Provide guidance and examples for completing calculations for titration.

Sample Solution