Data Analysis

In this report, you will interpret and report upon the data that you plotted in the Logan River Discharge lab activity

Successful reports will include four paragraphs, two figures (location map and photograph of unit), and references:

Paragraph 1: Description of data set. How/where was it collected? Over what duration of time was it collected?
Paragraph 2: Describe why the data was collected. What important question does it answer?
Paragraph 3: Describe your interpretations of the data. What trends are evident? What are the far-reaching significance of these trends?
Paragraph 4: What are possible limitations to your interpretations? These could involve data collection (any potential errors?), sample size (is it too small?), potential bias (subjective interpretations?), etc.
Figure: Graph of your data with appropriate axis labels and title
References: Reports must provide complete references for all information and images used to compile the report.

Sample Solution