Data Analysis

Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
Chapter 5 provides a summary of the entire project. No new data is provided. The introduction to this chapter reminds the reader of the project design, why the project is important and how the project contributes to understanding. This chapter provides a “Big picture” of the project. In this section discuss the major findings of the project and why they are important
This section provides a broad summary of the overall project and should have a simple recap of the key points in chapters 1-3. It reminds the reader of the purpose and importance of the project.
Discuss the findings of the project and relate the findings to previous findings in literature. Discuss any implication of the project.
Discuss how the results of the project may influence practice. Discuss the limitations of the project. Additionally, discussion of the needs of further research in the area may be presented. If it makes more sense to you can combine the conclusion and recommendations sections together.

Sample Solution