Data-driven Decision-making in Complex Systems

and the purpose for the collection of this data within the healthcare system.
Describe how this data point measures quality, safety, and/or efficiency within the system. Discuss one internal
or external benchmark surrounding this data point that serves as a measure or indicator of success.
Describe a case scenario where outcomes regarding this data point fall short of meeting the required
benchmark. Identify the stakeholders impacted by the poor outcome, and the consequences realized by each
stakeholder. Discuss the potential impact on organizational quality, safety, and/or efficiency that results.
Describe how outcomes surrounding this data point reflect organizational performance regarding quality,
safety, or efficiency. Explain how the data in the case scenario can inform strategic decision-making to improve
organizational outcomes. Create an action plan to correct the poor outcomes noted in the case scenario.
Explain the action steps, stakeholder involvement, influencing factors that will impact the planning.

Sample Solution