Data Gathering & Analysis Process

For this assignment you will finalize your analysis process and data gathering tools as you prepare to analyze your chosen athlete during each of your 2 skills.

My athlete is Trevor, his sport is worlds toughest mudder, the skills are sprinting and climbing

In the assignment text box

Present your specific photos, videos, and analysis tools for my review.
Present your intended analysis process. Explain your chosen analysis tools, apps, visuals, etc in a way that showcases your process of data collection.
Provide a brief description of how you will develop your Analysis sheet for each of your skills. This description will include what phases you will analyze and how you will organize your feedback.
Use the following recommended resource for assistance:

Bartlett, Roger – Sports biomechanics: Reducing injury and improving performance, 1999. Chapter 5, pp. 147-177 & Chapter 8, pp. 244-265.

Sample Solution