Database security project

Select your final project topic. It must be unique. It should be a high level topic related to this course. Pick a topic that you will learn something from or that will be useful in your work. It must be specific not generic. Your final project will consist of a 12 minutes, 12 slide powerpoint presentation that you will present at residency and a 1 page single spaced summary and an annotated reference list as described below all of which will be submitted in Week 15.

You must also respond to two of your peers’ proposals. Help them make a better, more focused, and more interesting presentation.

Defend your choice of topic in 500 words or more. Include at least 3 expert supporting quotes surrounded by quotation marks and cited in-line. Provide an annotated reference list at the end. Annotations consist of two paragraphs of at least five sentences each about each of at least five references. The first paragraph should summarize the content of the source and the second are your thoughts or reflections about the source.

Please select any one of the topic from the below

Database security compliance withanti-money laundering statutes
Risks of overly privileged users
Auditing v. monitoring
Maintaining data integrity with hash functions
Security risks in database migration
Quantitative risk assessment methodologies
Qualitative risk assessment methodologies
Reducing costs with tiered storage
Physical protections for your database
Global data Integrity violation examples
Efficient disaster recovery
How to effect litigation holds
Data as evidence: what is chain of custody?
Data as evidence: The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
GDPR Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
SOX Compliance
Database STIGs
ISO Database Security Framework
NIST Database Security Framework
Patch management and the medical device
Strict Liability v. Ordinary Negligence for the DBA
How Oracle 12c advances the security discussion
How Stuxnet exposed the exceptional importance of data integrity
Are Data integrity violations worse than confidentiality breaches?
How the tsunami of data expansion increases security concerns
Mobile users and data security
Why is vulnerability assessment critical for data security?
Legitimate privilege abuse ad how to prevent it
Monitoring your most highly privileged users – what the regulations say.
Creating a database security culture
Vulnerable storage media?
Patching – To automate or not?
What do you have – inventorying your legacy data.
The human factor – how to keep your DBA up-to-date
Monitoring database use patterns to detect anomalies
Quantitative v. Qualitative security risk assessment

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