Date Communication Fundamentals

Do the required style discussion-research (with min 3 cited sources and min 400 words) in the Ch5
Research forum. Usual quality rules for posts and replies are applicable. They should demonstrate efforts of
your own in stating the aspect of the chapter theory you are focusing on (in the beginning of the post!),
integrating the sources of web information into coherent support for your position/view, and summarize the
results of your research/contribution in the last phrase of the post. Just pasting/copying a bunch of pieces
will not count as research. Do not forget to properly quote and reference not only direct quotations but also
information, thoughts, ideas, concepts that were taken off the Web sources. Posted links to the sources
should be to exact pages where the information came from and not just to websites. ALL text, ideas,
information that came from the Web sources should be in bold (this is a key quality requirement not to lose
points) and not just a reference number at the end of several paragraphs without showing if all of them are
borrowed or only the last phrase. These will be min quality requirements for research for the rest of the
semester unless additional ones are stated in tasks. Read my comments on early posters that are intended
for all to learn about their format and results.

  1. Min 400 words
  2. Bolding the text with external info (all of it) showing ONLY individual thoughts, research results (some did
    a good job last week)
  3. State the focus of your mini-research in the opening of the post AND the conclusion with your results as
    the last phrase

Sample Solution