death and dying practices

Allied health professionals are confronted with different death and dying practices- An effective allied health professional recognizes the importance
of understanding different cultural practices, and learns how to evaluate the death, dying, and spiritual beliefs and practices across the cultures-
Read the two specified case histories and choose one for this assignment-

Chapter 4, “Stories of Abby: An Ojibwa Journey” and Chapter 14, “Stories of Shanti: Culture and Karma,” by Gelfland, Raspa, and Sherylyn, from
End-of-Life Stories: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries (2005), available in the GCU Library:

Identify your role as a health care professional in supporting Abby or Shanti’s dying rituals, and in creating strategies for displaying respect while still
providing quality care- Integrate your strategies as you develop a care plan describing how you would approach the situation and care for the
patient- Review the “Care Plan” template prior to beginning-

Include the following in your care plan:

Communication: family and patient

Treatment options that align with the specific culture

Education: family and patient

Family roles in the process

Spiritual beliefs


Cultural responses



Sample Solution