Decision making approaches of a known experts.

Observe and analyze a decision making approaches of a known experts.

  • Watch the three TED talks on critically making decisions and choose one to analyze.
  • Share your thoughts about the decision-making process described in your chosen TED. Explain why you think the talk is on target or why it is off base using specific examples from the video as proof.
  • Describe decision-making situations, dilemmas, or questions that the TED talk brings to mind.
  • Optional: Indicate how you might apply these decision-making strategies in your own life.
  • While completing the forum consider the Week 2 trigger questions.

How do you make decisions?

What kinds of information do you need for critical thinking?

How do you know if you are getting good information?

What should you do with the information you gather?

How do intellectual standards relate to critical thinking?

What are the impacts of dysfunctional thinking?

What are key things to remember when making decisions?

TED Talks:

  • How to Make Hard Choices, Ruth Chang
  • Why We Make Bad Decisions, Dan Gilbert
  • Why People Believe Weird Things, Michael Shermer

Sample Solution