Decriminalization of mental illness & Psychiatry

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  • U.S. 3 largest psych facilities in U.S.
  • LA County jail, rikers, cooks county jail (chicago)
    -NAMI 10 million Americans – serious mental illness, 2 million go to jail each year.
    Ciminalization – once legat and becomes a crime
    Disability Inc – prison population .
    2.2 million
    1.25 million – mental illness
    Life time chances going to prison
    Black men 1/3
    White men 1/17
    Hispanic 1/6
    Black women 1/18
    White women 1/111
    Hispanic 1/45
    Canada Indigenous – 10x more likely to be incarcerated
    South Korea – 1948- Syngman Rhee
    He made it alegal to be mixed race

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