Delivery of a PR Campaign Plan


Assignment brief: I would quite like the PR campaign to be focused around some sort of clothing line and include an A-list celebrity like Ryan Reynolds, but Im not set in stone in this if its easier for you to go with something else as long as its something that I as a 24 year old male british student could come up with. We’ve been told the PR campaign doesnt necessarily have to be realistic so can include big celebrity names and big expensive events and stuff. Assignment 2 in detail: Delivery of a PR campaign plan Your 2,500-word campaign plan is an individual piece of work, which would look to make the most of your creativity, as well as knowledge of industry techniques required to deliver a successful campaign. We’ll cover a broad range of campaign opportunities throughout the module, with a range of exercises during our seminar sessions. You won’t be short of ideas with all the resources you have to call upon. You should be communicating your campaign to the potential client. While your idea for your campaign is important, the execution of that idea is the key to a successful submission. Remember to get the balance right between idea generation and project execution. You’ll gain knowledge and experience of a range of PR campaigns throughout the module sessions. It’s also important to engage in additional research to ensure you are in a position to put together a plan that would have credibility in an industry environment. Just as any PR company pitching for work, you should consider the use of visual material to make your points. An important point to make here is that diagrams, charts and other visuals should be used to simplify a complicated idea, or an elaborate explanation. Essentially, if it saves time and words, use it. It is, however, important to recognise that this is primarily a pitch document, not a presentation. It is a piece of work that should give every aspect of the campaign in as much detail as the word length will allow.

Sample Solution