1. Introduction: Succinct sentence as to what the paper is about. Clear purpose and main ideas within the reflection identified. Ends with transition sentence.

2.Description of the specific events: Stated clearly and described comprehensively. All relevant information stated necessary for understanding.

3. Critical analysis the evidence: Demonstrate reflection and deep thinking of acquired knowledge and concepts.
Arguments/perspectives are precisely defined and explained.
Coherent flow in developing an insightful idea.
Viewpoints of others are interpreted and evaluated to develop a comprehensive analysis.
Viewpoints of experts are questioned.

4.Conclusion: Clear concise conclusion of key ideas. Finish with a dynamic point

5. Reference APA 6th ed


1. Understanding the needs of family caregivers of older adults dying with dementia

2. Ongoing challenges responding to behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

3. The Emergence of Dementia as a Health Concern Among First Nations Populations in Alberta, Canada.

4. National Dementia strategies: what should Canada learn
6. World Health Organization( WHO) on Dementia









































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