Write an article (3-5 pages) for submission to the Journal of AHIMA on EHR standards. Incorporate information on data standard integration strategies and the importance of data modeling and data dictionaries.What would happen if you were visiting another state or country and suddenly became ill? What if you had an accident, became unresponsive, and could not share your medical history with those treating you? How would the care provider obtain your medical history, such as allergies, current medications, or chronic illnesses?One of the EHR’s goals is interoperability, which allows various EHR systems to communicate with each other. With interoperability, no matter where you are, care providers will be able to obtain essential medical information about you. To make this a reality, standards must be in place. Standards are the rules, or guidelines, that direct the EHR’s structure and specify the terminology used in the EHR system.With interoperability comes one of the biggest concerns with the EHR: privacy and security. Privacy is an individual’s right to control the use of and access to his/her protected health information. Security refers to the measures used to ensure privacy. Security also ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability.In this third course assessment, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills related to EHR standards. As an HIM manager at Vila Health, one of the requirements of your yearly evaluation is to submit an article for publication to the Journal of AHIMA. This year you have selected EHR standards as your topic. In addition, you will be including in your article information on data standard integration strategies and the importance of data modeling and data dictionaries.

Identify the standards that govern EHR systems and the organizations that set them.
Distinguish among types of data, data formats, and data reporting requirements.
Describe the purpose of data modeling and data dictionaries.
Determine integration standards among applications.
Competency 5: Communicate in a professional manner to support health data management.

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