Department Budget Analysis

Create a 5-10 minute video using Kaltura (or similar software) in which you will present a proposed financial
plan for the upcoming year for a department in the City of Acme, along with supporting data visualizations and
discussions of economic principles and drivers behind the financial plan.
Data Visualization – Revisited
You’re already familiar with data visualizations that inform your decision making. On your phone or laptop, you
might look at a pie graph to check how much cloud storage you’re using versus how much is still available. Or
you might look at line graphs online to see how the weather is forecast to change temperature over the next
week. These visualizations are built on data that your computer or the weather service compiles into a specific
dataset and then analyzes and organizes into the graph or chart you see so that it’s easy to understand.
Visualizing data is all about making it easier to communicate the most important information. If you’re trying to
find out the weather for your weekend plans, you need the right data, presented in an intelligent way to know if
you should go out or stay home. When working with datasets, it’s imperative to keep in mind who the audience
is, what information they might value the most, and what you want their takeaway to be.
For example, your office might be upgrading a software program and the chief financial officer (CFO) may ask
for a cost-benefit analysis of upgrading all at once versus a gradual rollout of the upgrade over a number of
months. What is the most critical information is the CFO likely to want? How would be the best way to
communicate this to them?

Sample Solution