Write a review on a research article in Developmental Psychology. This should be a 2-3 page review, double space, 1-inch margins.

You may use the “Guide on Reviewing Research Article” and simply write the each question and each question as best you can. You may also use any other guide on how to conduct a critical review of a research article.

This is a required assignment. This assignment is worth 160 points.
Guide for Reviewing a Research Article
A. Problem: Why this study needed to be done! (Researcher’s words or summarized.)

  1. Clearly and concisely stated?
  2. Agrees with the title?
  3. Educational significance?
    B. Purpose: What this study was going to do about the problem!
    (Researcher’s words or summarized.)
  4. Clearly stated?
  5. Concisely stated?
  6. Agrees with problem and title?
  7. Limited to researcher’s capabilities and resources?
    C. Objectives: Specific actions to be accomplished to achieve the purpose.
    (Researcher’s words or summarized.)
  8. Achievable? [Research Questions (Answerable?) or Hypotheses (Testable?)]
  9. Inclusive? (Includes enough objectives to accomplish purpose)
  10. Exclusive? (Does not include objectives unrelated to purpose)
  11. Will help solve the problem?
    D. Review of Literature: What has been said, written, or done by others concerning this problem (List section subtitles or topics included by the researcher or which should have been included if the review was not subtitled.)
  12. Well organized? Section subtitles? Summarized?
  13. Quotes and paraphrases appropriate?
  14. Blended thought trains?
  15. Reference citations correct (APA Manual)?
  16. Practical reasoning included?
  17. Theoretical reasoning included?
  18. Similar studies cited?
  19. Direct and indirectly related literature included?
  20. Complete?

Sample Solution