Depression Interrelated with eating


Information that was provided: 16-year old female has a history of depression. She had always been conscientious of her weight and is a picky eater. The parents found laxatives under her bed.

1) What are psycho-social aspects related to this? Please use the article titled “Article 1 Case Study 2”, “Article 2 Case Study 2”, “Article 3 Case Study 2”, “Article 4 Case Study 2”, and “Article 5 Case Study 2” (in this article focus on the negativity of parents and their effects on adolescent thoughts of body distortion, do not focus on the body dysmorphic disorder in this article). Please use these articles to support this answer. Please any opportunity to fit depression in this section please do and the interrelation with eating issues; I have provided two articles related to that. Thank you.

2) What neurological changes could be taking place ? Please use article titled “Article 6 Case Study 2” to support this answer.

3) What are Considerations In Eating Disorders? Please use the article titled “ Article 7 Case Study 2: (Summarize pages 2-7 which continues on to page 8 at very top only) to support this answer. Please use the article titled “Article 8 Case Study 2” (please use this article to support considerations in eating disorders) this is an adjacent to support the treatment section in the article titled “Article 7 Case Study 2” Please use these two articles to support this.



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