Skin serves many purposes. It’s waterproof and protects your inner organs from the elements. Skin also helps keep you warm when it’s cold outside (by shivering), and cool when it’s hot (by sweating). Skin plays a key role in immunity, too, by keeping out potentially infectious microorganisms and fighting infection. Skin is a sense organ, relaying touch sensations to your brain. It transforms sunlight into vitamin D and protects your body from excess ultraviolet light. A century ago, scientists thought the skin was merely an external barrier, but we now know that skin is a complex organ with many functions” — Dr. Mehmet Oz []

Some people think that the medical specialty of Dermatology is boring and patients are seen for acne or a mole – no big deal. However, this is not true. From your readings, discuss one or two conditions, diseases, or issues you would need to understand if you were working for a dermatologist. Is this important to a patient’s health overall, or is this primarily cosmetic? NOTE: Please follow HIPAA rules and do not include personal information nor information about family or friends.

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