Descartes’ method of doubt.

  1. Explain Descartes’ method of doubt. What is Descartes’ purpose in exercising this
  2. Why can’t Descartes be certain about beliefs he acquires through the evidence of the
  3. Why can’t Descartes be certain about mathematical beliefs, like the belief that 2+2=4?
  4. What belief(s) does Descartes ultimately identify as indubitable?
  5. Why can’t an evil deceiver deceive Descartes about his belief that he thinks?
  6. How does Descartes build up from the foundation of indubitable beliefs?
  7. How does Descartes argue for the existence of God?
  8. Given the existence of God, how does Descartes justify his beliefs based on reason and
    on the senses?

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