Describing a dream career

Section 1: Describe your dream career as you see it ten years from now. In what position and for what organization will you work? This does not have to be a sport organization. If you are unsure of what you would like to do. instead describe key elements of a job you might enjoy and vehat types of careers you might consider. (Approximately 1 page) Reverse engineer your career by detailing the steps you will need to take in order to achieve your goals. This should highlight any additional training or education needed, potential jobs leading up to your position, and any additional outside experience you would need/ want to acquire. You should work from the present moment forward, being as thorough as possible. This section should include citations demonstrating you have researched this position and the requirements for achieving this position. You should cite a minimum of two different sources in this section which explain the career or career aspects you are looking for. Further, your citations should support your discussion of how you plan to achieve your career goals (i.e. if you say you will need to learn to speak French for your career, you should cite a source that helps you explain why). Section 2: Include a one-year plan of action. (Approximately 1 page) What steps do you need and plan to take over the next calendar year? What will you major/minor in? What relevant electives might you consider taking in order to prepare you for your future career? What volunteer/internship experience .11 you gain in order to set yourself apart What extracurricular activities will you become actively involved in as you work toward your goal? This should all be supported by at least one unique source that connects your one-year plan with your career goals.
Section 3: Include a plan of action to be accomplished over the next five years, (adding to the first year listed above). This should expound on and go beyond the one-year action plan. Do not repeat what you said in your on-year plan (assume you have achieved those goals). (Approximately 1 page) What additional preparatory steps do you plan to take while finishing your undergraduate education? This should focus on extracurricular, internship, and elective experiences not mentioned in the previous section. What position do you see yourself in following graduation from Miami University How long do you foresee yourself staying in the aforementioned position? What will your next career opportunity be? Do you plan to pursue graduate education? If so, what steps will need to be taken in order to secure your spot as a graduate student at the institution of your choice. If applicable, what degree and in what discipline will you pursue your post-baccalaureate education? This should be supported by at least one unique cited source that supports your plan.
Section 4: For this section. include a plan of action for the remaining five years of your ten-year career plan. This should include addition experience you plan to gain as well as additional promotions you receive along the way to your end goal. Do not repeat informational from your previous two plans. (Approximately 1 page) What mentor ship will you seek? What special projects and/or volunteer opportunities might you take on to set yourself apart from the competition? Have you gained any additional education. training or certification as you embark on your career goals? events format other life PP • How you P • 9 with you career aspirations?

Sample Solution