Description of culture within different groups.

Native Americans (2), African Americans (3), Mexicans (4), Mormon Americans (5), Chinese Americans (6), Japanese Americans (7), Puerto Ricans (8), Asian Indians (9), Cuban Americans (10), Arab Americans (11), & Hawaiian Americans (12). Each number corresponds to the group’s chapter number
Cuisine is an important factor in many ethnic families. Choose one group from the text that you have not focused on for a discussion question before. Research their cuisine. Include information on meal practices (such as family dinners, customs such as eating with chopsticks, etc), foods that are common within their culture, distinguishing meal preparation, etc.

Clothing is included in the description of culture within different groups. Choose a group from the text that you have not researched for other discussion questions. Research their clothing and wardrobe. Describe the types of clothing that are common in the ethnic group that you have selected. How does clothing impact or connect to their culture? Have there been changes in their culture as it relates to clothing selection in recent decades. Explain.

Music, art, and dance are included in culture. Research music, art, and/or dance in one of the groups from the text. Explain what you have learned. What types or music, art, and dance are popular within that group? How does music, art, and dance impact those who identify as a member of that group? Explain

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