Develop a Supervisory Plan of Action


You have just been appointed the new supervisor for a team of 15 employees within a large manufacturing company. Your team includes all exempt employees within the marketing and promotions department. Although you have never worked in this department before, you are excited to have the opportunity to work with a very diverse team of creative professionals. Your first task is to make the supervisory transition so that you can successfully lead this team.

Prepare your initial supervisory plan of action in which you address the following questions:

What are your critical roles and responsibilities relative to supervising the team? What challenges and limitations might your leadership style involve? How will you communicate with your employees? How you will motivate and inspire performance from your team? What tools you will use to problem-solve and make the tough supervisory decisions? How will you address a disciplinary problem should one arise from a member of your team? How will you lead a diverse workforce?




Sample Solution