Developing Hypothesis

Assessing the operational definition(s), validity and reliability of the measures used in one of the research studies you have consulted for your research proposal. Then, you will attempt to produce operational definitions for the variables in your hypotheses and comment on the validity and reliability of these measures.
Select one of the research articles you have reviewed for your proposal. Be certain the article you select reports the results of a quantitative study. Read through the paper, paying close attention to the variables included in the research.
1) List the hypotheses tested in the research article:

2) Select ONE of these hypotheses and list the variables included.

3) For each variable:

a. describe in detail how each was operationalized (in other words, how exactly did the researcher choose to measure this variable)?
b. discuss the validity of the measure. Remember, validity refers to the accuracy of the measurement (does it measure what we think it measures). Does the author mention tests for validity? If so, summarize their comments. Do you have thoughts on the validity of the measure? Does it appear to measure what it intends to measure (face validity)?
c. discuss the reliability of the measure. Remember, reliability refers to the way that the research instrument is able to yield the same results in repeated tests. It refers to the consistency of the measure, and asks whether other researchers would get the same results under the same conditions. Does the author mention tests for reliability? If so, summarize their comments. Do you have thoughts on the reliability of the measure? Can you think of any reasons this measure might produce different results at a different time?

4) Write your research question(s) here, then develop at least three hypotheses that relate to your research question(s). Your hypotheses should make a prediction about the relationship of each of your independent variables as you expect them to predict the dependent variable.

5) List all of the variables included in your hypotheses. Identify whether the variable is dependent or independent

6) For each variable
a. Describe in detail how each will be operationalized. In other words how exactly do you plan to measure this variable? Include the level of measurement for this variable.

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