Developing the outline of a proposal project



Title: The Health Effects of Alcohol

Thesis statement: Overconsumption of alcohol has many detrimental health effects.

I. Introduction
A. Opening remarks
B. Purpose statement
C. Thesis statement
II. Benefits of alcohol
A. Historical background
B. Quantity recommended
C. Benefits of right consumption of alcohol
III. Alcoholism
A. Definition of alcoholism
B. Global scenario
C. United States scenario
IV. Body system affected by overconsumption of alcohol
A. Gastro-intestinal system
B. Central nervous system
C. Cardiovascular system
D. Respiratory system
E. Reproductive system
F. Skin
V. Diseases linked to overconsumption of alcohol
A. Coronary vascular disease
B. Heart attack and stroke
C. Hematologic diseases
D. Peripheral arterial disease
E. Hematological diseases
F. Cardiovascular disease / coronary heart disease
G. Hypertension
H. Diabetes
I. Vascular complications
J. Oral cancer
K. Wasting diseases (i.e., dental erosion)
L. Gingival/periodontal diseases
VI. Conclusion
A. Concluding remarks
B. Restatement of thesis
C. Finalé






































































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