Developing Your Personal Financial Plan

• Explain your choice of housing option in the context of how it will help you achieve your selected financial goal.
• Align expenditures to reflect your selected financial goal.
• Reflect on how creating a step-by-step and organized approach to the assignment helped you to adjust your financial priorities and financial plan.
What to submit/deliverables: Two completed templates: Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation Word Template and Assignment 2 Financial Plan
Budget Excel Template.
What is the value of doing this assignment? We all have financial goals—buying or renting a home, purchasing a car, paying off a loan, or saving up
for a vacation. And it can be challenging to figure out exactly how to save toward these goals, given the numerous expenses of daily living. A financial
plan helps you identify how you can reach your short-term and long-term goals, and leverage planning and organization strategies to make
meaningful, incremental progress toward realizing these goals. This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned about
personal financial planning, productivity strategies, and the use of Excel to develop a personal financial plan aligned to your financial goals.
Your goal for this assignment is to: Build your productivity skill by creating a plan for reaching a specific financial goal within an identified time frame.
You will use productivity strategies to break financial planning into manageable, organized steps, and you will use Excel to develop a realistic plan that
is aligned to your financial goal and considers economic drivers, requirements, and resources.

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