Development During Middle Age

Do you believe you have been valuable to society?

Do you think traditions are important?

Have you ever acted as a mentor or set out to be an example to others?

How do you define integrity to you and do you think you have achieved this?

How would you define your identity? Do you have a core set of values or beliefs you live by?

Do you consider yourself successful and do you think you accomplished everything you set out to?

How do you define meaningful relationships?

By your definition, have you acquired meaningful relationships throughout your lifetime?

Do you worry about making sure the next generation is on track or guiding the next generation of people?

What are your thoughts about family and having children?

In your words, what is knowledge?

In your opinion, what do you think wisdom means?

Do you believe that your experiences and skillset would be beneficial to share with others?

When would you define your transition from your adolescence into when you considered yourself an adult?

Do you feel that religion or spirituality play a large part in your life?













Sample Solution