Developmental growth and maturation of a child (social development)

This Case Study Paper must be an in depth analysis about the developmental growth and maturation of a child using research evidence to support perspective of the parent. Case Study Research Paper should NOT be a narrative summary of what was reported during the interview. This research paper must analyze the content of a childs’ developmental experiences as reported by the parent. SEE UPLOADED MP3 AND INTERVIEW NOTES
You must also include additional research sources (minimum of 2 sources) to further support you’re analysis. The critical analysis of each selected domain of development should connect, support or negate information gathered during the interview process. Please see critical analysis example below.
Critical Analysis Example
Mary Beth stated her 19 month old daughter “Jill” seems to be delayed in her speech. She has a vocabulary of only 7 words and
tends to grunt utterances to communicate her needs to family members. According to the current research on language development, Jill’s verbalization are consistent with a 10-12 month old child (Berk, 2011). At the age of 19 months, specialists in
language development would expect Jill to have a daily growing vocabulary (15-20+ words per day) as well as communicate using two to three word utterances with a 300+ vocabulary (Caldwell, 2014). For example, Jill should be using sentences such as “Let’s go park” and “Love mine kitty.” However, Jill’s mother did not report these types of language or speaking abilities in Jill.

Sample Solution