Dewey’s philosophy and theorization of experience

Read each article and come up with 2 questions for each reading. The questions should be open-ended and should demonstrate a thorough reading of the respective source.
sample question:

  1. The article suggests that most mayors in Canada can fall into the “broker” category. They are described as people who convince those with conflicting interests to reach an agreement or to compromise so that a policy can be adopted. What kind of challenges do mayor “brokers” face and how much decision-making power do they have?
  2. According to Holdsworth, Dewey’s philosophy and theorization of experience as the portal to lifelong intellect, moral development, and curiosity about the world, does not align with the current discourses of experience (p.298). From Dewey’s stance, what is “experience” and how does it support the contemporary notion of experiential learning/internships?

Sample Solution