Dicks Drive-in Marketing Audit

Strategy and Conclusions
What is the lifetime value of a single customer to your organization? Can it be described in dollar terms? Try to estimate it. Are there other, non-monetary ways to

describe the value of the consumer-organization relationship? Describe what your organization does, and what steps it might take, to improve the marketing

relationships with its customers or clients.

Then, take a holistic view of your organization. You have considered, in-depth, the organization’s marketing activities and have spent time assessing their

effectiveness and impact. Identify the organization’s positioning strategy in the form of a positioning statement. Then conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization,

including an assessment of the sustainability- and social responsibility-related activities and issues relevant to the organization. Indicate what you feel are the

most critical elements in each of the categories.

Finally, provide at least 3 suggestions of steps the organization could undertake within the next 3 months (short-term) and 3 they could take within the next year

(longer-term) to improve their position. Justify your recommendations.

Sample Solution