Diet Analysis

Food Record: How to Keep One

• Record your intake of foods and beverages for 3 consecutive days, if possible (one weekend and two weekdays). If not consecutive, make sure all three days are in the same week.
• Write down what you eat, when you eat it or as soon as you are finished. Or take a picture of you meal/snack and write down the information later.
• Include all snacks, beverages, and “bites”—even if you just grab a cracker on the way to the bathroom, write it down.
• Write down the specifics of the foods/beverages, the portion consumed in common units (cups, tablespoons, slices, pieces, and fluid ounces), the source of the food (fresh, canned, frozen, restaurant), and any other specifics (additions: sugar, syrup, ketchup; toppings on pizza, etc.).
• Accuracy in portion sizes improves the accuracy of the nutrient analysis.
• Check food labels for specific information.
• Write down the time of day.
• Be complete, honest and thorough in your food record. I will not be analyzing your diet. This is for you to know about your food intake.

Example of a food record
Your food record should look something like this:

Day of the Week/Date:
Time Foods Eaten Amount Additions/Extras
8 AM Cereal – Cheerios
1% milk
Hot tea 1 cup
6 fluid ounces
1 medium
1 cup 1 tsp sugar

2 tb milk; 1 pkt Splenda
9:30 AM Cheetos – regular
Water 1 oz bag
1 bottle (16.9 oz)
12 noon Hamburger – BK

Fries – BK
Coke – BK 1 regular

1 small order
1 medium 1 pkt mustard, 1 pkt mayo,
Lettuce, tomato, pickle
2 tb ketchup

2:30 pm Chocolate chip cookie
Water 2 small
½ bottle (16.9 oz)
5 pm Apple 1 medium
6:30 pm Chicken – fresh, grilled
Mashed potatoes – fresh
Broccoli – fresh, roasted
Carrots – fresh, roasted
Iced tea – brewed 1 medium breast
¾ cup
½ cup
¼ cup
12 fluid ounces 2 tb bbq sauce
Butter (2tsp), salt, pepper
Olive oil (1 tsp), S&P
OO (1tsp), S&P
2 tsp sugar
9 pm Ice cream – chocolate chip
Water ½ cup
½ cup 2 tsp chocolate sauce
How to Enter Foods/Beverages Consumed into MyPlate
1. Go to the Super Tracker web site ( Select “Create Profile” in the top right corner of the page. Enter the information under the “Personalize Your Profile” section in Step 1. Enter your information as accurately as possible. I will not see this information. This is to help estimate your daily energy needs. Also enter a username and password under Step 2. Write down the username and password that you have chosen. You will need it to do part 2 of the project. Then choose “Submit” under Step 3.
2. To enter food, click on the “Sign up for Free” from the middle of the page. On the left side, you will enter the food items from your food record. Type the food in the box and select “Go”. A list of food choices will appear under “Search Results”. Select the food item based on the description in MyPlate and your description from the food record. You must choose the item by clicking on the blue food item. Now you must choose an amount and select the meal time. Do your best to estimate what you had to eat. When you have made your choices, click the blue “+ Add” button. Continue to add all the food and drink items for that day.
3. Once all the items for one day have been added. Change the date in the top left corner by using the arrow keys or the calendar.
4. Once all three days have been entered, select My Reports from the top menu. Choose Meal Summary from these options. Enter the dates from your food record in the “View Report from:” section. Choose “All” meals. Then select the blue “Create Report” button.
5. Once the report has been created. Choose either the PDF or Word option. Save and print these pages.







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