Differences between quantitative and qualitative approach to social research

  1. What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative approach to social research?
  2. What is a hypothesis in social scientific research? What is a variable and give at least two examples. What is
    meant by the “relationship between two variables”?
  3. What are the first three stages of the research process, according to your textbook?
  4. What is ethnography (interpretive approach)? Give examples of what an ethnographer might study, explain
    why you think so.
  5. Open up the attached file and choose two research questions, from the list, you would want to study if you
    were a sociologist. Why are these questions interesting to you (one paragraph for each of the two you chose)?
  6. What method of data collection would you use to study one of these research question (one question you
    chose in #5)? why?
  7. What do you think you would find if you conducted this research?

Sample Solution