Different types of evaluation tools

Nurse educators decide on the types of grading guides to use based on the type of assignment. Sometimes, checklists and Likert scales work, and other times, a rubric is best.

Research the different types of evaluation tools, including checklists, Likert scales, and rubrics.

Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word APA-formatted paper in which you:

Differentiate between the varying types of educational evaluation tools.
Differentiate between analytic and holistic rubrics. When would you use each type?
Evaluate the advantages and challenges of using rubrics for evaluation.
Evaluate how rubrics and assignments measure learning.
Analyze the value of calibrating raters on the use of rubrics to grade student work.
Analyze why piloting is an important step when preparing to implement a rubric.
Determine the advantages and challenges of providing an evaluation tool to students before an assignment is due.

Sample Solution