Digital film technologies

The lecture and readings this week addressed a wide range of changes that have been inaugurated by the advent of digital film technologies and how these technologies have “disrupted” conditions of production, exhibition, distribution, and more. Write a ~300 word response to one of the questions below.
Pick one of the categories mentioned above (production OR exhibition OR distribution) and discuss some of these changes. What kind of conditions are being disrupted and what does this mean (for viewers, for people who work in the industry, etc.)? Be specific. Do you still consider “the movies” a primarily theatrical experience? Why or why not? Do you think there is a better way to characterize being a moviegoers in 2019? Be specific. Consider your own moving image habits. What type of platform(s) do you use to access moving image media content? Does the type of content you watch differ from platform-to-platform? Be specific. How do digital tools (cameras, post-production, etc.) make us rethink the relationship between film and “reality?

Sample Solution