Digital Resource Analysis

This assignment is all about evaluating 10 sources (articles, journals, websites and so on) according to the criteria set out in assessment brief 1, so please read that brief carefully. For this ENTIRE course, that is for assignments 2a, 2b and 3 – ie the proposal, report and presentation respectively, I would like you to answer the following question: ‘Develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy, including digital communications, for an organisation of YOUR choosing’. I am quite flexible as to the choice of organisation; it can be a company (Coca Cola, Qantas, Telstra, GM, Microsoft), an NGO, a government agency (eg SA water), Indeed, as you wade your way through a mountain of material, it might be an idea to reflect on the following. 1. start with the end first – and work your way backwards. 2. Again, remember the main report topic is ‘develop and implement a comprehensive communications, including digital, for a organisation of your choosing’. 3. give thought as to WHICH company/organisation you will be focusing your efforts on. 4. think about what communications strategy you will want to implement and WHY (eg use of social media, intranet). 5. think of what articles/sites/videos fit into your essay topic and isolate them. 6. evaluate the isolated articles. 7. for the first assignment – as with the others – always start your work with an introduction (introduce topic to the reader assuming he/she knows nothing about the topic – and end with a conclusion summarising the main points you made in the body of your essay/report. In this subject has 3 assignment linked to each other. now i want assignment 1 and rough idea of how you will do next 2 assignment. i want you to make all assignments one by one. please read all 3 assignments brief and and give me rough idea how you will do all assignments which is linked to each other. remember now i want assignment 1 and rough idea of how you will do next 2 assignments. i am studying in Australian university so please information of organisation should be related to Australia.

Sample Solution