Dimensions of emotional intelligence

1.Name, explain and give examples of the 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence.2.second question​:Shockbox.3.Dragon’s Den Discussion Forum

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Evaluations Rubrics are below:

Group Post

Answers are accurate and relate to course material


Well Written: Grammar and vocabulary


Professionalism: Organization and formatting


250 to 350 words in length


Proper referencing and citation


second question:Shockbox

Let’s practice using the business plan checklist from Appendix 4A (in your text). We will focus on the marketing section, and in particular on the target market question. Read the case study on 4-2 in your textbook about the product Shockbox and answer the questions below. As you will see, the target market for this product includes athletes, parents, teams, sports associations and insurance companies.

1.True or False? Hockey is a relatively expensive sport for youth players.



2.True or False? On average, hockey parents spend less than $300 per year on the sport.



3.True or False? $150 is more than most people would pay to learn if their child was at risk of concussion.



4.Now, read the relevant section from the business plan checklist.

Who is the target market in terms of occupation? Income level? Education? Lifestyle?

5.What is the target market’s purchasing behavior for this product or similar products? Where are purchases made? What quantities are purchased?

6.Why does the target market purchase this product or similar products? Which characteristics are preferred? What other factors influence the purchase?

7.Your Task:

Find and cite three articles you could use to help draft the target market section of a business plan. Look for statistics and other evidence of research.

8.Your Task:

Write a paragraph that addresses at least one of the questions above.

Third question:Dragon’s Den Discussion Forum
In this discussion module, you must watch two Dragon’s Den videos which are in the module.

In CBC’s Dragon’s Den, entrepreneurs visit the TV studio with a business idea or an on-going business. Each presenting entrepreneur is hoping that the investors (called Dragons) will invest in their business. Most often the investment is in the form of equity financing. After watching the videos please answer the following questions.

Once again, you should respond to other posts, by offering comments and/or asking questions.

Question #1:

If you were the owner of Atomic Tea, would you have taken the investment from the Dragons? Why or why not?

Question #2:

If you were the owner of PeerFX, would you have taken the investment from the Dragons? Why or why not?

Question #3:

CBC’s Dragon’s Den is a very popular Canadian show and there are many online discussion forums about what occurs on air.

After the Atomic Tea & PeerFX episodes there was considerable debate amongst viewers about whether or not the Dragons acted ethically.

Please note: If your last name starts with letters A to L, argue that the Dragons were completely ethical in how they treated the entrepreneurs. If your name ends in letters M – Z, argue that the Dragons were unethical.

Reminder: Students who respond to other posts with feedback, arguments or questions will receive a higher grade than those who simply post and walk away. This is true for all questions.

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