“Dimensions of Human Behavior”

Use “Dimensions of Human Behavior” The changing Life course Edition 6th. 65 years of age or older . compare this senior adult’s story and situation with the material you studied for class about a senior adult who is that age. How was this person similar to the material you studied, and were there things about the person that appeared to be different from the material you studied? You should approach writing the essay from a life course perspective, looking at what cohort the person identifies with, developmental and health issues, and transitions that commonly occur during the senior years. What would theorists we have studied, such as Erikson and Piaget, say about this person’s development? At the beginning of the essay, be sure you give the person’s age and a description of the environment in which you did the interview (were you on Zoom? in the person’s home? in a nursing home? at school? eating in a restaurant?

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