Write a brief reflection paper discussing the ‘debrief’ questions at the end of each awareness segment as well as the questions at the end.
Autism Activity Debrief
• How did it feel to have so much commotion going on?
• Did it make you want to scream or get away?
• Were you able to concentrate on the paragraph being read?
• What might have helped?

Communication Activity Debrief
• How does this compare to people with disabilities that allow them to talk but are difficult to understand?
• Was it difficult to communicate using this method?
• How can we communicate with someone who cannot talk back?
• How can we help them communicate?

Hearing Impairment Debrief
• How did it feel not to be able to hear?
• How successful were you at lip-reading?
• What helped make the lip-reading easier?
• What does this show about lip-reading?

Learning Disabilities Debrief
• How did your brain want to read the colors?
• What were the difficulties faced in deciphering the sentences?
• Did being told to hurry help or make it harder?
• What would have helped?

Developmental Delays Debrief
• What were the problems?
• What would have helped?
• How did it feel to have to complete an exam in German?
• How did it feel to be told to “try harder?” Did it help you complete it better?
• Who stopped trying when they saw what the test was?
• How did you feel when you realized you didn’t find all the ‘f’s?
• How would you feel if this happened to you all the time, every day?

Physical Disabilities Debrief
• How did it feel to be in a wheelchair?
• What would have made it better?
• Students in wheelchairs are often left out of games or PE or given the job of keeping score. Discuss how this would feel. What if you hate keeping score?
• No one likes to be treated as if they are helpless. If you see someone in a wheelchair, don’t just do things for them. Ask if they want help first.
• What problems would you have if you were in a wheelchair AND couldn’t use one of your hands?
• Do you know anyone with a disability?
• How does it affect his/her life?




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